Low Vision Services

For low vision care appointments, please download and print our Questionnaire.



About your appointment

If you schedule a low-vision appointment with Hearne Vision Care, we can help you effectively use your remaining vision with the help of magnifying vision aids and other devices.  Please understand that your loss of vision cannot be restored; however, we may be able to prescribe some devices that will help you with certain tasks.  We will also provide you with a list of local resources that are available to assist you.

Who should attend the appointment with you?

A spouse, relative or friend is encouraged to accompany you during evaluation.

Preparing for your appointment

Prior to your appointment, please complete the patient questionnaire and bring it with you to the appointment.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify specific problems that you may be experiencing due to your vision loss.  For example, following are some common vision tasks that many of my patients find difficult, even while wearing their eyeglasses:

  • Reading newspapers, magazines or books
  • Watching TV
  • Spotting street signs
  • Reading price tags, menus, medicine bottles
  • Seeing oven dials & settings
  • Recognizing faces

Please list the different vision tasks that you find difficult and answer the other questions.


What to bring with you

Please bring any eyeglasses, sunglasses or magnifying glasses that you are presently using.  In addition, bring examples of the tasks that you are having difficulty with (such as those you listed on the patient questionnaire).  For example, if you are having difficulty reading a particular book, bring that book with you to the appointment.

Fee structure

If you are covered by Medicare, your examination may be covered.  One or more vision aids may be recommended during the evaluation.  These vision aids typically are not covered by Medicare or most private insurance plans.

The low vision rehabilitation process

Please keep in mind that this is your initial visit.  We may need to meet several times to ensure that you are getting the best prescription for your eyes and that the vision task and goals that you want to accomplish are attained.  This initial visit will last anywhere from 1-2 hours.



If you have any questions, please contact our office today!

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